You can personalize your load-outs for multiplayer games in Call of Duty: Mobile.

As you play, you’ll earn XP, which will enable you to level up and unlock additional loadout options. Each load-out has primary and secondary weapons, grenades, an operator skill, and three perks.

Aim carefully: Your loadout determines what you carry into the game, and it varies by map and game type. For close-quarters combat, SMGs flourish on levels like Killhouse, Hijacked, and Nuketown; longer-range weaponry thrives on Crossfire. With 10 load-outs, you can change your loadout during a match.

Enhance your weapons: Rewards may be used to obtain weapons cards that can be used to enhance your firearms. The weapon characteristics chart shows the impact of your changes on the weapon’s performance in the game. This is Gunsmith. Before continuing, you may want to Download Call of Duty Apk.

While you may hide in a corner or building in multiplayer: the opponent wearing red flashes on their uniform divides the two sides. The red marks may be observed even when camouflaged. Remember that a UAV may detect you and place you on the map.

You can’t hide, therefore being still is your greatest enemy. Keep moving to avoid getting attacked. It takes skill to strafe sideways while maintaining the opponent’s gaze. When you run out of ammo, hide behind cover and fight. It’s a simple yet effective use of cover.

When running, press the down button to slide. This is unexpected, but it improves your chances of getting away.

Learn to crouch: Crouching is a fantastic method to decrease your visible area while still moving. Skulker is a Perk that enables you to move swiftly when crouching.

Sprinting accelerates your movement. To do so, raise the forward controller or sprint. There’s also a menu option for “always sprint” which means you can’t stop as precisely as you’d want and may inadvertently run into your opponent. A Perk that speeds you up. Use it.

Close-up, the MW11 – or M1911 – is a fantastic sidearm that can kill as fast as a rifle. Replacing your primary weapon with a handgun is frequently faster. It’s helpful on levels like Nuketown, where the center may become a bit crazy. Avoid the silencer since it decreases range, although you can increase the firing rate and capacity through Gunsmith.

Make use of your grenades: When the going gets tough, it’s easy to forget about throwing one at your opponent. On levels like Killhouse and Nuketown, throwing a grenade from one end to the other is easy and effective. Just be careful not to step on your own grenade and disable the opening immunity.

The sticky grenade is great since it doesn’t bounce. It will stay in a window or against a wall if thrown. It’s great for snipers in rooms or behind crates.

Scorestreaks must be mastered: You have three slots to complete, ranging from a hunter-killing drone to a game-ending VTOL gunship. Some use AI, while others are controlled manually. For example, a predator missile must be pointed towards its target. Sentry guns may be configured to kill attackers approaching a corner, or destroyed by enemy fire. Succumbing to the enemy and capturing scalps may trigger scorestreaks.

The stealth chopper and VTOL can deal a lot of damage to your team, but you can shoot them down. Fire around into an LMG to kill it. If you have the Sparrow skill, you can fire explosive arrows to quickly destroy aircraft. The FHJ-18 will then swiftly latch on and halt that scoring run.

Take the fight to the enemy in games like Frontline and Team Deathmatch. Hanging back may mean you’re out of the game, unable to assist your teammates in battle. Take control of crucial spots on the maps to entrap your opponent.

Use smoke grenades to your advantage: If you’re cornered by the enemy, smoke out the room by tossing the grenade through the window. Alternatively, throw smoke to hide from an invincible respawned opponent. If you’re taking over a location in Domination, it’s also useful.

Map and team load-outs: Game types are varied throughout the multiplayer maps. For example, Crossfire has more sniper positions than Nuketown. Vary your loadout to suit the map and team: five sniper rifles may be too many in Nuketown. Make sure you’re ready to exchange!

On the Hijacked map: there’s a secret passageway through the boat that will take you from one end to the other (the boat). If you get ahead of your opponent, you can even score. Find a hole in the cabin’s floor.