Digital Technology Applications in Everyday Life

Digital technology applications are now starting to develop so rapidly. In fact, without realizing it there are many digital technology applications that we often use in our daily lives. Where, its existence acts as a medium or tool for activities in various fields of life.

This technology is an operating system capable of running automatically using a computerized system. Basically, this technology is just a very fast calculation system. As well as being able to process all forms of information into digital code.

The emergence of digital technology at the end of the 1970s marked a technological revolution. The term digital itself is an antonym, or the opposite, of the term analog. Whereas digital technology is a form of development of analog technology,

Starting from only using a smartphone device, many things become easier if used carefully.
Various sectors and aspects of human life cannot be separated from digital-based technology. Various daily needs such as transportation, financial transactions to online shopping, can be done with digital-based technology.

Some digital technology applications that are often used here and are familiar in everyday life include:


A cell phone is an electronic telecommunications device that uses radio waves to transmit data. In a cellphone there are five important parts, namely the transmitter or transmitter, frequency survivor, receiver or receiver, logic unit or logic unit, and control unit.

Optical Disc (Compact Disc)

Furthermore, there are compact discs that are all around us, such as CDs, DVDs, and BDs, which are used as data storage media in digital form.

DSLR Camera

DSLR is short for Digital Single Lens Reflex. In simple language, it is a camera that uses a mirror to direct light from the lens to the viewfinder.

Fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint scanner attendance machine has two jobs, namely taking an image and deciding whether the fingerprint pattern from the captured image is the same as the pattern in the database.
There are several ways to take a person’s fingerprint image, but one of the most widely used today is the optical scanner. The heart of this scanner is a charge coupled device (CCD), which is the same light sensor system used in digital cameras and camcorders.