Best GBWhatsApp Tricks that each User Should Know

Who doesn’t realize WhatsApp? it’s the foremost popular messaging Android application within the world. We guess Every mobile user must be using WhatsApp on his or her phone. Why so? Because WhatsApp may be a cross-platform messaging application. It supports almost every mobile OS from Android to iPhone, blackberry, Windows phone, and Nokia too.

WhatsApp is so popular due to its features like unlimited messaging, group chat, audio calls, video class, its features of sharing media files, sharing location, and updating status.

But does one know that you simply can get more features than WhatsApp provides?

What to understand how?

Well, this text is all that.

By replacing your WhatsApp with another excellent messaging app called GBWhatsApp, you’ll get far more features than what WhatsApp Provides to its users.

Even, you don’t need to replace it if you’ve got two mobile numbers and a few extra spaces on your mobile.

In this article, we are getting to introduce you to all or any of the features provided by GBWhatsApp. But before we proceed to the features allow us to introduce them with GBWhatsApp.

Note: if you’ve got already downloaded and installed GBWhatsApp on your device then we advise you to scroll a touch bit down and begin reading this text from “Wondrous Features in GBWhatsApp” because that’s the part of this text that explores Best GBWhatsApp Tricks.

What is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp may be a modified version of the official WhatsApp Messaging app. It’s moded by some really creative people that like to do innovative things all the time.

The developers of GBWhatsApp created this app meaning to provide far more features in WhatsApp. and that they are successful.

GBWhatsApp is that the most powerful modified version of WhatsApp and lots of other mod app creators try to repeat the functionality and features of this app, but they’re not successful enough.

Here is that the link to download gbwhatsapp

What makes this app powerful?

The one-word answer is – Its features. GBWhatsApp provides some features that are hard to believe for WhatsApp users. does one want to understand what features? Well, we are here to allow you to know everything about all the features in GBWhatsApp, but before explaining about all the features of it, we would like to allow you to know some unbelievable feature-

  • Always Online Feature
  • Sending Videos up to 50 MB
  • Do Not Disturb Mode
  • Hide Typing
  • Hide Online Status

These are just a couple of functionalities during this app that creates this app much-much powerful than WhatsApp, but within the next section, we are getting to explore most features.

How to Install GBWhatsApp

Installing GBWhatsApp is very easy. You can install this app as you install other downloaded APK files of any other apps into your device.

Note: Before you try to install the APK file of GBWhatsApp, You should enable installation from unknown sources to function on your device.

If you are curious about how to do that, then follow the following step-

1. Go to Setting of your phone.

2. Find Security settings.

3. Tap on the Security setting to open it.

4. Now you will find the ‘Unknown Sources’ option and enable it.

Done!! Now, Install GBWhatsApp APK and verify your phone number. The process of Installation and verification the same as WhatsApp.

Wondrous Features in GBWhatsApp

Finally, We are going to explain about wondrous features of GBWhatsApp. We are sure, after knowing about the wondrous features that GBWhatsApp provides, you are going to uninstall another version of WhatsApp.

Best GBWhatsApp Tricks That Every User Should Know- First of all, we are going to explore Privacy related Tricks in GBWhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp provides many privacy features that are very useful for WhatsApp users. We are going to talk about each privacy tricks one by one.

Trick 1 – Hide Online Status Trick

Sometimes hiding online status tricks can be very useful for many of us. Hiding online status can be a handy trick for the student whose ‘Last seen” is being checked by their parents or any other family members.

You can hide your online status by following these simple steps-

  • Tap on the three dots at the top right corner of the GBWhatsApp

  • Now, You will get privacy options, tap on that.

  • Here, You will find an option to Hide Online Status, tap on that.

To show online status again, tap on three dots then tap on privacy, and here you will find “Show Online Status” instead of “Hide Online Status.”

Trick 2 – Hide Blue Ticks

Hiding Blue Ticks is as simple as hiding online status. To apply this trick, Tap on triple dots–>Privacy–>Blue Ticks.

Now you have to choose either you want to hide blue ticks for contacts or groups.

In this same way, You can Hide Second Tick, Writing Status, Recording, Blue Microphone, and Hide View Status. You should try it now.

Trick 3 – Read Deleted messages in GBWhatsApp

There is a trick in GBWhatsApp that allows you to read deleted messages. In order to, start this feature follow the steps below.

Tap on triple dots–>Privacy–>Enable Anti revoke

Trick 4 – Enable DND Mode in GBWhatsApp

This is one of the awesome features of GBWhatsApp. Sometimes we can have a situation when keeping our mobile connected to the internet would be important to us but at that time, getting WhatsApp messages would be irritating. The situation could be anything like Watching videos on YouTube or reading an awesome blog post.

In such a case, you can Enable DND Mode in GBWhatsApp.

Follow the steps to Enable DND Mode in GBWhatsApp-

  • Open GBWhatsApp.
  • Find the Wifi like icon at the top of the application. Tap on that.

  • The app will conform to the “Enable DND mode” Tap on the OK button.
  • Done

Trick 5- Download Status

Using GBWhatsApp you can always download status uploaded by any of your friends. To do that open or play any status.

Trick 6 – Changing themes in GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp provides numbers of themes in its theme library you can download any theme of your choice and download it for free of cost.

To do so, Tap on triple dots–>GBSettings—>Themes

Trick 7 – Auto-reply message

In GBWhatsApp Auto-reply message is one of the useful features. When you are busy you can set an auto-reply message like – Hey I’m busy right now, please contact me later.

To do so, Tap on triple dots–>GBSettings–>Auto-reply

Trick 8 – Copy Profile Status

You can copy the profile status of any of your friends. Just go on the profile status of your friend then tap on the status and hold for a second.

Trick 9 – Hide Chat

If you are using GBWhatsApp, then you can Hide Chats easily. Just select the chat you want to hide and then tap on triple dots, a menu will get appear, and there you will find the “Hide” option.

Trick 10 – View contact logs

Using GBWhatsApp, you can easily spy. Basically, you can check who and when came online & change profile pics, etc with the help of the contact logs option in GBWhatsApp.

To view contact logs, Follow the steps below-

  • Tap on the + icon on the home page of GBWhatsApp
  • The Click on the Document icon (at the end of the list)
  • A contacts log will get open

Trick 11 – Lock a Chat

You can always lock a chat if you are using GBWhatsApp. GBWhatsApp allows you to lock on chats to make messaging more secure.

Trick 12 – Increase Upload size limit

You can increase the upload size limit in GBWhatsApp easily. Tap on triple dots again then tap on GB Settings and then select Media Sharing.

As you can see in the Image, you can increase video upload size up to 50MB and audio upload size up to 100MB. Also You can set Maximum resolution for statuses.

Trick 13 – Message Scheduler

Want to wish your friend’s birthday at midnight, but you love to sleep also? Don’t worry with the help of the Message Scheduler feature in GBWhatsApp you can schedule your message at any time.

To Schedule, a message follow the steps-

  • Tap on three dots.
  • Now a menu will appear, find ‘message scheduler’ and tap on that.
  • Now Pre-Scheduler interface will get open, click on the + icon available at the bottom right side corner.
  • Select a contact from the contacts list.
  • Write your message and set the date & time and tap on schedule.

These are the Best GbWhatsApp Tricks That Every User Should Know. We hope this article would be beneficial to our readers. If you have any queries or suggestions, please leave us a comment.

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